"Coffee doesn’t grow in Europe", - such message was contained a few years ago in advertising of one of the major coffee brands. Yes, the coffee trees do not grow in Europe or Russia.

 But producing country is the one that is considered to be the side that made the last major changes to the product. Sorting beans, roasting and making coffee blend are the most important stages of production.

For gas stations chains using automatic coffee machines it is important that coffee blend from batch to batch remained the same in taste qualities of roasted beans. This particular requirement which is essential for public food services network is met by a very few production companies.

 A few months ago RusHOLTS started an experiment on the use of the Russian-roasted coffee in automatic WMF coffee machines. In its work the company was based on the postulate that freshly roasted coffee is always better. For several years, working closely with the best European suppliers RusHOLTS experts learned how to choose the blend and get the necessary level of quality from its partners. Eight months of successful sales with 40 gas stations will allow customers to reach a clear conclusion - Russian roasted coffee of high quality from RusHOLTS – isn’t a myth but a reality.

In this case, the experiment of RusHOLTS keeps up with the times. World coffee experts are increasingly talking about the fact that the "second wave" of coffee houses associated with coffee brands,  their history, traditions and special "secrets" of blending coffee is over.

This is the era of myths and stereotypes of advertising imposed to the market of HoReCa by large coffee sellers. The owners of the third wave institutions rely solely on the quality of the coffee blends, trying to get rid of the need to pay "eminent" suppliers for their advertising creativity. The ideology of "third wave coffee” - "delicious coffee - it's not Lavazzo, Danesi, Segafredo and others, but the coffee, brewed in our establishment".

This approach radically changes the existing pricing schemes and sets new standards for the relationship between roasting companies and HoReCa segment - owners of coffee shops are increasingly focusing not on the brands of coffee suppliers, but on reliable automatic coffee machines, remote online monitoring and of course, coffee blends, specially designed for use with modern automated equipment.